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Train Sales Force

Using the Selling Professionally Programme, participants complete the Pitch Perfect India Skills Assessment. Incontinently upon completion, learning reports are handed to both the participants and the management team. These reports document and measure each participant’s literacy progress on each of the 8 Critical Sales Skills. Results are compared to the pupil’s original Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment as well as the Pitch Perfect India(database). participants are estimated grounded on both the knowledge gained since training began as well as their capability to apply the knowledge in the field.

Specific training recommendations are made for each participants grounded on their performance on each skill. They’re assigned fresh exercises to complete grounded on their specified literacy requirements. Completion of these exercises will prepare participants for the Final Certification on Pitch Perfect India. 

The most critical component of any literacy plan is dimension. In deals training What gets measured gets learned. dimension of learning through validated assessments must percolate the entire deals training process. lower than 10 of deals training does this rightly. Are you ready to drive new growth and outsell your competition?

Assess both knowledge and application of knowledge​
These are two entirely different things. And, solutions to each are completely different.
Benchmark selling skills before you start​
This provides a starting point for establishing learning goals and progress. It can be used as the basis for individual and group learning.
Assessments need to be prescriptive​
They must tell sellers where the problems are and exactly how to eliminate them.
Create Sales Certification standards
Give the team a way to achieve mastery of selling skills.