Over many years we help companies reach their sales goals. Pitch Perfect is a values-driven sales agency dedicated.



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We proudly tailor our services to meet the sales training and sales recruitment needs of each organization we work with, taking time to understand their unique situation and goals.

Why Pitch Perfect India For Your Organization Sales Training Niche

Our sales training program covers all stages of commercial conversation with the customer which results in businesses Increasing new customer acquisition and increasing of sales closure ratio.

Impact on Salespeople before and after attending the selling professionally training

Unable to fix appointments

Able to get prospects attention in 40 seconds and increase no. of new meeting/ appointments
Unable to build rapport

Able to understand customer needs, fear and tendencies and match their selling style with customers buying style.

Focuses more on product offerings /requirement gathering

Understand the investigation structure and Investigates about DMU, Communication preferences, Buying motives, Priorities, Impact case.

Unable to handle or get stuck when facing customer resistance/objections

Understand various kind of resistance they face and are able to steer the resistance in a positive direction

Takes too many meeting to understand customers requirement

Takes less no. of meeting to understand customer requirement and to create an impact case

Unable to get customers commitment

Able to convince the customer and get their commitment to work with them by using

Customer focuses more on price

Present price in a way that the focus is more on the benefits

Unable to determine right time to close

Understands when and how to attempt a close

Unable to handle procrastinators

Able to handle procrastinators and increase chances of closure

Doesn’t control the negotiation

Controls the negotiation effectively

Unable to read customers body languageReads and acts according to the body language signals received from customers

why choose us

Why Pitch Perfect India For Your Organization Sales Recruitment Niche

Pitch Perfect India is a recruitment office that can help. Whether you are a laid out B2B global enterprise with different deals job openings, a more modest B2C fire up searching for a VP of Sales, or in the middle between, we can help. 

We have sales recruiters from sales background who understand the basics of sales. A wrong hire can cost a company more than just the salary

Hiring Internally

Hiring with Pitch Perfect India

Screen a long list of non-relevant CVs and Invest productive time in follow-ups and Interviews

Interview only a select few shortlisted and pre-screened candidates – Save time and efforts

Interview candidates nonrelevant and not qualified candidates

Interview candidates who match the qualification criteria – Interview only the potential

No guarantee of success

Interview candidates who understand the sales process and are quota achievers – Hire the best

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